Why Are Brakes Squeaking?

A shrill brake can occur for many reasons, influenced by different conditions when driving. It is important to build your knowledge of what can cause rest, so you know how to fix it before further damage is caused by the safety of you and the people around you on the road.

Our guide in West Can Auto Parts will take you through various reasons why your brakes are squeezing and how you can fix it.

Driving conditions

The first thing to see is your driving condition on the road. Some factors such as weather and road conditions outside of your control, so there isn’t much to do with a little cold weather that can cause brakes to taste. Likewise, bumpy or unkempt roads sometimes cannot be avoided depending on your situation. But alert to the hole, because this can cause severe damage to the brakes and suspension systems in the vehicle. Try and position your car while driving so you avoid the wheels taking full strength.

In winter months, prepare your brake system by using winter tires with 3mm treads to maintain a safe stopping distance to the car in front of you in ice conditions. This will help your steering wheel and also reduce tension on your brakes.

Heavy load

When the pressure on the vehicle increases, the more difficult the brakes have to work to maintain the attractiveness on the road. See how heavy the burden is in your car: Do you have many things in boot? Or something on the roof installed by the roof shelf? This can all contribute to how hard the brakes you work.

Brake pads

Brake pads in your car slow down the vehicle by putting pressure on the wheels. Over time, this will cause the bearing to be obsolete, which is really natural. Metal bearings will eventually start grinding on the disc in the brake calipers, causing to taste.

This is one of the most common causes of brakes and can be improved either manually with a pair of hands helping or trained mechanics. Look at our practical guide on how to change brake pads if you want to try and handle it yourself.

Don’t let the brakes grind your gear

While many causes of shrill brakes do not need to worry in the long run, having this encyclopedia is expected to make you ready and get information.

If you have ever doubted, it’s good to get a second opinion from a trained mechanic that might be able to direct you in the right direction if further work is needed. If you need more information, you can drop by to any of our location: www.westcanauto.com/find-my-loc/

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