The Importance of Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Cooling System

While we are in the business of selling car parts in BC, Canada, we want to help you minimize the problem of your vehicle, while maximizing its performance and efficiency. One way to achieve this is through the maintenance of your vehicle cooling system. This important system makes you comfortable in the passenger cabin while also keeping your engine running smoothly while preventing it too hot.

While the maintenance of your vehicle cooling system is very important, around 28% of the vehicle on Canada operates with inadequate maintenance and protection. If you can’t remember when the last time your vehicle radiator is red and cooler is replaced, your vehicle is included in this category. The possibility for you to pay more attention to your vehicle cooling system – and we will tell you the reason.

How the cooling system works

Your vehicle cooling system is designed to cool your engine while running, and it is a circulation process that starts on the radiator. Declared simply, the cooler moves from the radiator, then circulates through the engine while pulling the heat of the engine. The cooler then returns to the radiator where the fan and air flow through the radiator fins reduces the cooling temperature. Then return to the engine once again, and thus, continue the cooling cycle.

Cooling is designed to protect the engine that runs from excessive heat, and also protects important parts in the cooling system against corrosion. When the cooler gets older, he cannot do his work properly, and you are at risk that your engine is too hot that can cause extensive and expensive repairs.

Signs of cooling system problems

Here are some things that must be watched for that might indicate you have problems with your cooling system.

  • Engine Overheating – A number of things can cause your engine to be too hot – such as damaged water pumps or damaged belts – to mention two. If your engine temperature warning lights turn on, it is best to pull over and call the crane, or let it completely cool and add a mixture of 50/50 anti -moving to fill the radiator and carefully walk to the garage. Continue to drive when the engine is too hot can cause permanent engine damage.
  • The Smell of Antifreeze – The smell of antifreeze when driving or right after you’ve stopped your vehicle indicates a leak in the system, often indicating that antifreeze is dripping onto your hot engine or leaking into the passenger compartment due to a faulty heater core. This problem requires immediate attention.
  • Antifreeze on the Ground– Refining puddles under your vehicle are other indications of leaks that prevent the cooling system to protect your engine from the heat.
  • Coolant Level is Perpetually Low – Must add a coolant regularly is still another sign of leakage in the cooling system.
    Maintenance of the cooling system

Have the cooling system properly serviced. At least once every two years the old fluid should be drained, the system flushed, and new coolant added.

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